Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sort the list!

One of things that were not well designed is the "sort list" set of icons. People made remarks that they're too much similar to each other. They indeed share silhouette and differ in tiny details or colours. Here's the attempt to solve the problem:

A1 and C1 are my beloved, while I like A3 and C3 too. Well, C2 and D1 are not bad as well.


  1. I would go for any between A3-D3.
    - I can't make my mind between the clock vs the calendar for date/time sorting... I think that the clock is a little bit more familiar... But the calendar looks really great (the circular shape of the clock is easily recognizable though... though choice).
    - The lines for size sorting is also better IMHO than the two squares (they make me think of "move to back").
    - "az"... well, there's no other option :)
    - And I really like the two-pages icon for extension sorting, one page represents the image and the other a text file, I think it is clearer (and less technical) than the asterisk icon.

    But... they all look tight! Great job!

  2. The AZ & the Clock meaning is captured perfectly by the icon. For the size sort, I prefer the inverse pyramid, but I think it is still a bit ambiguous. Thats a hard one to infer - maybe a scale or a ruler? Now the one I dislike the most is the .*. That is great for tech people who understand wildcards, but it is rather obtuse to people who don't, and the alternative is worse - I still am trying to understand how that relates to extension.

    Maybe as an alternative think of "sort by type" instead of "sort by extension". Perhaps an icon with 2 bins - one containing oranges and the other apples - errr, durians...

    Hope I maybe helped push your creative juices in a new direction! Love the icon sets. You are really helping out the blender community!

  3. ja bym zostawił tak jak jest w 2.52.5 tylko "sort by extension" bym wziął z tą gwiazdką. Reszta po staremu jest ok.

  4. They're all better, but I'd vote for C3. Rather than reusing the timeline clock icon, I feel the calendar stands better on its own legs, and doesn't confuse the timeline metaphor into things. The * symbol I think is too cryptic, too techie, so prefer the two files for that.

    Anyway, just my two cents ;)