Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The *.SVG release

Two years of absence here... I could almost bet it was just five minutes.
Time to release vector icons, as I promised - hope You'll find good use for those tiny thingies. Be gentle with them - they're my children (to some extent).
EDIT (due to new licencing!):
Mind that all items are under GNU GPL licence. Details inside the download.

the whole icon set (v. 2.5.06) containing the source in Inkscape *.SVG format.

v. 2.5.06 Release log:
1. New items:
  • icon for Logic's Sensor - P1
  • icon for Logic's Controller - P2
  • icon for Logic's Actuator - P3;
2. Revamped ones:
  • new 16x16 Python Script File - D23;
  • new 48x48 Python Script File - second row, third column in prvicons set;
  • new (Embedded) Python Script - B19.

Regarding the new Python icons - week ago I emailed Python Software Foundation, asking if they approve use of slightly derived Python logos but didn't get any response yet. I assume that their silence means they have nothing against my version of their graphic sign.
David Mertz (Chair, PSF Trademarks Committee) just sent me the derived logo approval:
"[...]The Python Software Foundation Trademarks Committee is happy to approve the derived "3D-ized" versions of the Python logo that you have sent us.[...]"


    1. Open with inkscape to check the svg file.
      adobe illustrator wont open it.

    2. I don't own Adobe Illustrator and I won't have it, but You can get Inkscape Portable from PortableApps.com. The SVG works well with my Inkscape 0.48.0 r9654.

    3. Be sure to save it as a "Normal SVG" file (not "Inkscape-SVG", Inkscape saves some extra data that might confuse some programs last time I checked).

      Also: I don't want to be "that guy", but is the "NonCommercial" part on the license compatible/usable with the Blender license(s)?

    4. Since the icons are not source code, they can be licensed in any way you want and it would still be compatible with the GPL.
      However i'm not so sure if CC-BY-NC let's you include additional stipulations such as "as long as it's blender"

    5. The GPL license is compatible. What CC Attribution-NonCommercial seeks to prevent the commercial use of the icons. (if you sell software or another good including these icons, you are violating the CC license) not it's distribution.

    6. And as stated by the license: "Any conditions can be waived" by the licensor. In this case is the wish of the author these icons are used only in Blender, so no conflict here (license allows to modify them, and share... same goes to GPL, allows you to share as long the source code is open and available). If you get the permission from the author, you could also use them in any project you need, but ONLY with explicit permission from him.

    7. The only problem i see from this, is the distribution of Blender in magazines and CD's. Any magazine offering Blender as a bonus in a CD, would be violating the license. Probably Jendrzych should consider license these as GPL2.

    8. Actually I plan to change licencing and it probably will be the GPL 2...