Monday, November 23, 2009

Blender icons update.

The first official aplha release of 2.5x series is around the corner – time to publish latest improvements and tweaks. It's late, but maybe they'll find their way to the release.

the updated icon set (v. 2.5.01).
the updated File Browser's thumbnail icons.

v. 2.5.01 Release log:
1. New items:
  • redo/undo (an operator) - C14, C15;
  • selection modes for particle strands - I24, I25, I26;
  • new, more Object-like group icon - X16;
  • bone constraint - X22;
  • fullscreen on/off - BA24, BA25.
2. Revamped ones:
  • move to previous/next folder - C16, C17;
  • move to parent dir. - D16;
  • refresh (reload) - D17;
  • play forward/backward - K2, K9;
  • rectangle select with more obvious shape - BA13;
  • move to parent dir. and refresh thumbnail icons (prvicon.png).


  1. Where are your physics icons. I liked those! :) Still, awesome set. Very happy about full screen on/off!

  2. I guess You meant Force fields. If so - they are on the way.

  3. Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks! Would a post to the bf-committers list be in order? I hope whoever needs to know does know in time!

  4. Hey there,

    i was wondering since you moved the development here and modified the first post of the thread at blenderartist, where can i find the 2.4x icon set for download?