Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome stray wanderer.

I was defending myself from blogging long, but the time has come...

This place is intended to be mainly a showroom for Blender's icons development since the original thread at's forum grew shockingly and became unmanageable. I'd like the very thread to stay a community driven panel discussing ideas, possible solutions etc.
So far I was the only person working on the icon set, but - regarding amount of work left – it's quite obvious to me that someday community will take over my duties or at least a part of them. This blog will help defining precisely where my job, responsibility and copyrights end. wlecome, and I hope You'll like it.


  1. Good luck with your new blog!

    Also nice background colors, they go well with your icons... I would not mind if Blender used a similar color scheme.

    again, good luck!

  2. Yeah, you have a good reason for a blog now! Excellent work! Good luck man! :)