Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mysterious "PR" toggle

Several moons ago somebody (Brecht?) asked me to make an icon for Preview Range - the Timeline's functionality. After I made some lame tries William Reynish offered an idea which I picked up. Et voila:


  1. nice icon...
    but i think it did not clear to show the meaning of preview range..

    maybe you can improve this... ;)

  2. jendrzych, I'm curious about what software and techniques you use to make your icons. Any chance of either a tutorial or just a walk-through?

  3. If anything I think that icon is clearer that the current PR letters - you might think it stood for public relations ;)

    The thing that IMO works well about that icon is that it reuses the clock timeline metaphor. The red area symbolizes an excerpt of time, a section of the full time.

  4. nice! can we have it on alpha, to use in blender? :)