Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DopeSheet's Summary

Great part of Blender's GUI is a terra icognita for me since I use it only for modelling. There are always functions that I didn't know about. That's why making icons is a kind of adventure - every day brings a surprise. Yesterday I discovered Summary button which makes DopeSheet add an extra row with accumulation of all keys, actions and what not - pure essence of whole content, easy to take in.
Currently Summary uses Border Zoom icon {CA4}, but it doesn't reflect the functionality - I propose to use universal mathematical symbol usually used for summation.


  1. i didn,t like this summary icon, :/
    bad for designer :(

  2. Well, logically it is very descriptive, but the Sigma symbol is already heavily used in math, thus it may conveys the wrong message. Maybe the sigma symbol + the holy mary (Sum-Mary) lol

    Seriously though, this is a though and in such a case I would design an icon that is new in the sense that it doesn't really mean anything. The meaning is given by the usage. For example it could be a hand holding up a written peace of paper? Or it could be something more abstract?

  3. To be perfectly honest I don't think an icon helps in this context at all - I'd rather get rid of the icon in this place all together.

  4. Well, I have no other way than to agree with William - I didn't use right context to visualise my concept - I should have use the "DopeSheet's" headeer with "Summary" button.

  5. I don't know how it is like .. , because I am not applying it but look through gui exela whether open office both perhaps it a bit will help, there are many icons there for calculating and he can some will give an idea.

    PL - Nie wiem jak to jest, bo tego nie używam ale przejrzyj gui exela czy open office i może to trochę pomoże, tam jest wiele ikonek do obliczania i może któraś podsunie pomysł.