Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Python external scripts.

It's been a long time since my last post, but I wasn't resting on laurels in the meantime. I've good excuses - soon will show them off.
I made several icons for Blender too...

Meta-Androcto wrote (at forum):
[...]the Python icon is missing.
it's listed in the api docs, but does not draw.
It's needed for external scripts so people don't just choose random icons.
the python icon defines the function is a script.
like the scripts in the extensions folder and for future use.
We already have icons for external scripts (a gear-wheel), but since it's possible to define macros in Blender 2.5x i find current script icon fit this new functionality very well. For this very reason I made several sketches of new icons for Python scripts (A4 - A7).

First two icons are already on the icon sheet. First isn't used in the GUI but it suits the purpose Meta-Androcto described. Second one was designed for File Browser.
New icons... well, judge them.

Personally I think that one of the last two could get into Filebrowser - my favourite's A6 cause of its distinct shilouette. A4 or A5 would be perfect indicator for a scripted function in the GUI.


  1. I'm afraid I have always disliked A1.
    I would go for A5 and A6.

  2. hi, i like 4 as it's very clean & minimal.

  3. I like A6 best, better than A5 because the python logo is not covered. A4 seems to make it too general, but I like it okay. I like all 4 python ones pretty well.

    I'm happy to see some activity on your site :) Makes me glad I RSS'd to it.

  4. A3 is real sleek and minimalistic.

  5. Ok but do we want or need an indication of a scripted operator? why do users would care?

  6. A6 i think is the most fitting.

  7. a kiedy ikonka do modyfikatora screw ?

  8. To me 1 and 2 represent actions, they would fit well with macros.

    4 says python, as in the programming language.

    5 looks to me like python info.

    6 and 7 look like a python document, out of those two I prefer 6