Sunday, May 2, 2010

Update - v.2.5.05

Time for an update with recent new icons - as I promised.
the updated icon set (v. 2.5.05).

v. 2.5.05 Release log:
1. New items:
  • Split Sequencer's window - A6;
  • icon for the mysterious PR  button - K10;
  • Screw modifier - L7;
  • Restore Last Session (could be used for Open Recent instead) - BA22
2. Revamped ones:
  • Sort List icons - D1, D3 and D4 (I prefer the proposal C1 from this post: LINK, but the asterisk seems to be too cryptic as many stated);
  • Mirror modifier - M5;
  • crispier and bigger menu arrow - CA3;
  • bigger and sharper arrows - from DA5 to DA8
More goodies and improvements will come.


  1. could I use these icons for other applications besides blender?

  2. @ RH2
    The side note at the icon sheet reads: "This content is under CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 licence as long as it's used for Blender 3D GUI, otherwise it's copyrighted".